0 It is best to remove the top cover before you tilt back the printer as described in the steps below. Refer to Section for instructions on removing the top cover.

0 If you tilt back the printer with the top cover attached, be careful not to put too much weight on the top cover or any other printer components.

0 Spread a thick, soft cloth under the printer before you follow the steps below.

0 Remove the ROM carefully to avoid damaging the board.

0 Before you install a new ROM, check the INDEX mark on the socket to be sure the ROM is oriented correctly. Insert the ROM carefully to avoid damaging the ROM pins and the board.

0 When transporting the printer a long distance, pack it using the original packing material.

Step 1: Tilt back the printer and lay it on its back. Hold the top cover closed if it is not removed. Step 2: Remove the CBB (M3x10) screw securing the ROM cover, remove the cover, and replace the ROM using the ROM holder.


Figure 3-7. ROM Replacement

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