0 Handle frame edges with care since this printer has a considerable amount of metal materials.

0 To prevent damage to ICs from static electricity, do not touch the ICs on the circuit board or the terminals of peripheral electrical components with your hands.

0 Use only the recommended tools to ensure safe and efficient maintenance work. Inappropriate tools may damage the printer.

0 This printer must be properly packed in the correct container for transportation as described on next page. If the unit is not properly packed, it could be damaged during transportation.

0 The paper and ribbon cartridge should be removed before transportation or disassembly.

0 Because you may need to turn the printer while you disassemble or assemble it, place it on a clean, thick cloth, such as a blanket, before starting

0 After finishing the assembly, do not forget to lubricate and reassemble the unit following the instructions in CHAPTER 6, because a considerable amount of oil may be removed during maintenance or repair work. Also, be sure to clean the unit as described in CHAPTER 6.

Before transporting the printer, remove the paper and ribbon cartridge. Then attach the following packing materials, as shown in Figure 3-1:

□ Transport locking bracket

□ Carriage guide shaft support bar

□ Printhead protector

□ Foam packing for paper bail

Figure 3-1. Packing Material Attaching

After attaching the packing materials, pack the printer in its container as shown in Figure 3-2.

Figure 3-2. DFX-8500 Packing

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