Assembling Point

When you install the printer mechanism, route the cables as shown in Figures 3-41 and 3-42. Make sure the cables do not get caught between the printer mechanism and lower case.


When you install the printer mechanism, perform the following adjustments: 9 Platen gap motor value (platen gap) adjustment (described in Section 4.1.7) 9 Bidirectional printing adjustment (described in Section 4.1.8)

Step 1: Remove the upper case unit. (Refer to Section

Step 2: Remove the right cover. (Refer to Section

Step 3: Disconnect the connector for the fan from the relay connector.

Step 4: Remove the CP(O) screw securing the fan duct to the left frame and the CC screw securing the fan and the fan duct to the shaft on the left frame. Then remove the fan along with the fan duct.

Figure 3-45. Fan Removal Ribbon Feed Change Lever Unit Removal

Step 1: Release the three hooks securing the ribbon feed gear cover to the ribbon feed motor frame and remove the cover and the ribbon feed gear. Step 2: Disconnect the three connectors for the ribbon feed motor, tractor select sensor, and the ribbon jam sensor from the connector junction board, as shown in Figure 3-47 and Figure 3-48. Step 3: Remove the head damper from the left side frame. Step 4: Remove the fan on the left frame. (Refer to Section

Ribbon Feed Gear Cover

Ribbon Feed Gear Cover

Step 5: Remove the two CBS (M3x6) screw securing the ribbon feed change lever unit to the left side frame, then remove the ribbon feed change lever unit.

To Ribbon Jam Sensor

Connector Junction Board

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