Cooling fan

The C204 PSB/PSE board includes a cooling fan that is driven by the +37 VDC. The fan lowers the temperature of the PSB/PSE board circuit components, and it also lowers the CR motor temperature because the motor locates on the way of an air exhaust channel of the fan.

Table 2-3. PSB/PSE Board Output DC Voltages




+37V (VP1-GP1)

C204 DRV-B

• Printhead drive %

+37 V (VP2-GP2)


• Printhead drive 2/2

+37 V (VP3-GP3)

• Plunger drive

• Optional Cutter's motor drive


• Cooling fan on the PSB/PSE unit

+5 V -GL

C204 MAIN C204 DRV C204 DRV-B C204 PNL

• All logic systems operating voltage

• PF motor hold voltage

• Plunger hold voltage

• PG motor hold voltage

• Power for all the sensors


C204 MAIN C204 DRV C204 DRV-B

• Voltage for power system pull-up. It is switched by VXCNT signal of the CPU (IC2).

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