Figure PG Motor Drive Circuit Block Diagram

Figure 2-26 shows a block diagram of the plunger drive circuit, Table 2-12 provides the plunger specification, and Table 2-13 provides the plunger switching pattern.

The plunger is driven using three switching patterns. Gate array E05B26 ports PLP and PLN output the plunger coil drive signals. When the PNP port of the gate array turns on switching transistors Q30 and Q31 are turned on and the supply voltage (VP3) flows into the plunger coil. When switching transistor Q30 is turned off, Q31 is turned off and the hold voltage (+5 V) flows into the plunger coil via Q32, using the port PLN of the E05B36.

Table 2-12. Plunger Specifications




DC solenoid

Supply Voltage

37 VDC (applied to the drive circuit)

Internal Coil Resistance

9 ohms + 5 % at 25 oC

Current Consumption

Driving: 3.7 A (MAX.)

Holding: 0.4 A

Table 2-13. Plunger Switching Pattern

Suspension Roller Status

Q30 and Q31





Closed -> Opened



Closed with holding voltage



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