Figure RF Motor Drive Circuit Block Diagram

Figure 2-25 shows a block diagram of the PG motor drive circuit, and Table 2-11 provides PG motor specifications.

The PG motor is a stepping motor. The motor phase switching signals are output from the E05B36 ports PGA to PGD. The motor common voltage (PGCOM) alternates between drive mode (+37 VDC) and hold mode (+5 VDC) using the PG H/R signal of E05B36. The phase driver circuit is made by discrete transistors Q12 to Q15.

The phase A output pulse from the platen gap encoder (ENCA) is input to port ENCA of E05B36 and the phase B output pulse from the platen gap encoder (ENCB) is input to port ENCB of E05B36. The E05B36 counts these pulses using the internal counter and determines the amount and direction of motor rotation.

Table 2-11. PG Motor Specifications




4-phase, 48-pole, PM pulse motor

Supply Voltage

37 VDC (applied to the drive circuit)

Internal Coil Resistance

250 + 18 ohms per phase at 25 oC

Current Consumption

Driving: 0.20 A (average) Holding: 0.02 A + 5 mA


285 pps

Driving Method

Constant voltage driving, 2-2 phase drive

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