HF temperature feedback operation

The printer supports the printhead fan (HF) temperature detection sequence, which consists of the following steps:

1. When the printhead fan temperature is less than 65 oC, the HF fan stops.

2. When the printhead fan temperature exceeds equal or more than 65 oC, the HF rotates.

3. When the printhead temperature goes down to 50 oC or less, the HF stops again.


3.1 OVERVIEW 3-1

3.1.1 Precautions for Disassembly and Assembly 3-1

3.1.3 Specification for Screws 3-5

3.1.4 Service Checks After Repair 3-6


3.2.1 ROM Replacement 3-8

3.2.2 Printhead and Ribbon Mask Assembly Removal 3-9

3.2.3 Housing Removal 3-13 Top Cover Removal 3-13 Left, Right, and Front Covers Removal and Fuse Replacement 3-14 Front Panel Unit Removal 3-16 Upper Case Removal 3-17

3.2.4 Circuit Boards Removal 3-18 Bottom Panel Assembly Removal 3-18 Cooling Fan and C204 Power Supply Board Unit Removal 3-21 C204 SUB Board Unit Removal 3-22 C204 DRV-B and C204 DRV Board Units Removal 3-23 C204 MAIN Board Unit Removal 3-24 AC Inlet Removal 3-26 C204 PNL Board Removal 3-27

3.2.5 Interlock Switch and Cover Open Sensor Assembly Removal 3-28

3.2.6 Printer Mechanism Removal 3-29 Fan Removal 3-31 Ribbon Feed Change Lever Unit Removal 3-32 Tractor Select Lever (Upper and Lower) Assembly Disassembly 3-34 Ribbon Jam Sensor Removal 3-35 Connector Junction Board Assembly and FPC Board Assembly Removal 3-36 PG Sensor and PG Motor Removal 3-37 Plunger and Paper Bail Assembly Removal 3-38 Upper Paper Guide and Top PE Sensor Removal 3-40 Tension Roller Shaft Removal 3-41 Platen Removal 3-43 Paper Jam Sensor Removal 3-44 Pull Tractor Sensor Removal 3-45 Paper Width (PW) Sensor Removal 3-46 PG Home Sensor Removal 3-47 PF Motor Removal 3-49 Left Side Frame Gear Removal 3-50 Front Tractor Assembly Removal 3-51 Rear Tractor Assembly Removal 3-52 CR Motor Fan Removal 3-53 CR Motor Removal 3-54 CR (Carriage Encoder) Sensor Removal 3-55 Carriage Mechanism Disassembly 3-56 Paper Support Assembly Removal 3-59 PF Drive Roller Removal 3-60

3.1 overview

This chapter describes the disassembly/assembly procedures to be used for replacing the main assemblies of the DFX-8500.

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