Main Control Board C Main Board

The C204 MAIN board is a main controller board. The board contains following ICs:

16-bit CPU:

TMP95C051A; 24.57 MHz (IC2)

Gate array:

E05B36 (IC1)

PROM (including C.G.) :

2M-bit (IC5)


4M-bit (IC14)


RS-232C level converter (IC9)




93C66 (IC11)

There are two types of C204 MAIN board used as after service parts. The following Table shows differences between them.

Epson Stylus Photo R300 Control Panel
Figure 1-26. C204 MAIN Board
Table 1-24. Color Attribute

For USA and Pacific

For Europe

Serial I/F Hexagonal-head screw type



1.5.3 C204 DRV Board

The C204 DRV board is the driver board specially for the printer mechanism. The % printhead, printhead fan, plunger, PF (paper feed) motor, CR (carriage) motor, CR fan, PG (platen gap) motor, and RF (ribbon feed) motor drive circuits are located on the driver boards.

Sensor signals from the printer mechanism are connected to the main board via these boards. Major ICs on the DRV are as follows:

STK561 (IC1) STK5713B (IC2) uPC393C (IC3)

Figure 1-27. C204 DRV Board

1.5.4 C204 DRV-B Board

The C204 DRV-B board is the % printhead driver board. The drive part is mainly consists of the discrete bipolar FETs.

Figure 1-28. C204 DRV-B Board

1.5.5 C204 SUB Board

The C204 SUB board consists of five DIP switch units. It is located behind the front paper cover.

Figure 1-29. C204 SUB Board Unit

1.5.6 C204 PSB/PSE Board

C204 PSB/PSE board is a power supply circuit board which generates the power for the control circuit (main control board) and printer mechanism drive circuit (driver board). It contains cooling fan on the top. The PSB board is a 100-120 V AC version, and the PSE board is for 220-240 VAC.

Circuit Board Psb
Figure 1-30. C204 PSB/PSE Board

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