Plunger Mechanism

Figure 2-13 shows the plunger mechanism. The paper bail assembly is attached to the end of the plunger's iron core. The paper bail assembly axis is connected to the frame. When the plunger coil is energized, the force of the paper bail spring returns the paper bail assembly to its original position.

Paper Bail ASSY. Lever ^ Plunger

Tension Spring

Iron Core

Iron Core

Tension Spring

Figure 2-13. Plunger Mechanism

Figure 2-13. Plunger Mechanism

2.2 power supply operation

The printer can be powered by either of two power supply boards: the 120 V C204 PSB board or the 220/240 V C204 PSE board. The only difference in the operation of these two boards is in the primary circuitry. They supply power to the printer in the same way. The power supply board outputs the DC current required to drive the control circuits and printer drive mechanism. Table 2-1 shows the input voltages and fuse ratings of the boards and Table 2-2 shows the PSB/PSE board output specification.

Table 2-1. Power Supply Boards Input


Input Voltage

Fuse Ratings

C204 PSB board

120 VAC

12 A /125 VAC

C204 PSE board

220-240 VAC

6.3 A / 250 VAC

Table 2-2. Power Supply Board Output Specification


+37 VDC Line

+5V DC Line



Rating Output Voltage

+37.0 VDC

+5.0 VDC

Available Output Voltage Fluctuation

35.5 - 37.5 VDC

4.75 - 5.25 VDC

Rating Output Current

1.5 A

2.0 A

Available Output Current Fluctuation

0.0 - 4.5 A*1)

0.0 - 5.0 A*1)

0.0 - 2.0 A

Over Current Protection



Over Current Protection Reset Method

Turn the power switch off, then turn it again. Or controlled by C204 MAIN board with /PD signal.

Automatically recovered.

Short Circuit Current

Less than 1.0 A

Less than 1.0 A

Over Voltage Protection



Over Voltage Protection Reset Method

Turn the power switch off, then turn it again.

Automatically recovered.

Over Voltage Limit Value

42 VDC


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