Power Supply Circuit

NOTE: From here on, the printer operation will be described in accordance with the corresponding circuit block diagram, operating principle figure, and circuit diagram in the APPENDIX. Therefore, read the description while referring to the corresponding circuit diagram. When part names or addresses which are not listed in the corresponding block diagram or operating principle figure are mentioned, they are listed in the circuit diagrams in the APPENDIX.

The power supply section of this printer is composed of a power switch, AC inlet, and switching power supply board -1——-;—r The power supply section supplies the voltages required to control the printer and drive the mechanisms. Table 2-12 shows the power specifications.

Table 2-12. Power Specifications


Input Voltage-

Primary Fuse Rating


100 10%

125V, 8A

i a i

220 - 10% to 240 + 10%

250V, T6.3A

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