Disassembling the Fusing Unit

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If you need to disassemble the fusing unit because of image quality problems and defective parts, follow the procedure below. 1. Remove the fusing unit. See section 4.2.16 2. Remove two CSB screws 3x8 securing the fusing unit. 3. Release the right and left hooks connecting the fusing unit, and separate 5. Refer to Figure4-25. 1 Move the front fusing guide board to the left side once, 2 remove the right side of the guide board, 3 remove the left side of the guide board. Figure 4-25. Backup...

Paper Feed Solenoid Removal

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See section 4.2.2 2. Remove the paper empty sensor. See section 4.2.4 3. Remove the control panel. See section 4.2.6 4. Remove the front cover. See section 4.2.7 5. Remove the left cover. See section 4.2.10 6. Remove paper feed unit. See section 4.2.12 7. Remove one CSB screw 3x8 securing the paper feed solenoid to the paper feed unit, and remove the paper feed solenoid. Figure 4-20. Paper Feed Solenoid Removal Figure 4-20. Paper Feed Solenoid Removal