Paper Specification

Useable paper types are mentioned below. Normal Paper 60g m2to 90g m2 16 lbs. to 24 lbs. Copy, bond, and recycled paper in general use. Special Paper Labels, Japanese official post cards, OHP film, Color paper, thick paper 90 to 157 g m2 , special DTP paper, letterhead. Note lbs ream weight ib. 500 pages 17x22 g m2 1g m2 0.2659763 lbs. M The paper type listed below can not be used with this printer. They will result in bad printouts, paper jams, and can damage the printer. Carbon paper,...

Paper Feed Solenoid Removal

Epl 5700 Repaire

See section 4.2.2 2. Remove the paper empty sensor. See section 4.2.4 3. Remove the control panel. See section 4.2.6 4. Remove the front cover. See section 4.2.7 5. Remove the left cover. See section 4.2.10 6. Remove paper feed unit. See section 4.2.12 7. Remove one CSB screw 3x8 securing the paper feed solenoid to the paper feed unit, and remove the paper feed solenoid. Figure 4-20. Paper Feed Solenoid Removal Figure 4-20. Paper Feed Solenoid Removal