Adjusting And Resetting The Printer

5.2.1 Platen Gap Adjustment

When the SHAFT,CR,GUIDE or BUSHING,PARALLEL,ADJUST is rotated or reassembled, or printing is too faint or stained, the Platen Gap adjustment must be performed in the following order:

1. Remove the Upper Housing. (See Section 4.2.4.)

2. Remove the printhead from the carriage assembly. (See Section 4.2.1.)

3. Using tweezers, remove the ribbon mask from the carriage assembly.

Epson 870 Ribbon Mask

Figure 5-1. Ribbon Mask Removal o.

Figure 5-1. Ribbon Mask Removal

4. Attach the printhead onto the carriage assembly.

5. Set the paper adjustment lever to the position "0"(the second step position) from the rear.

6. Rotate the SHAFT,CR,GUIDE so that the large countersink on the left edge of the shaft comes upward.


SHAFT,CR,GUIDE CarriageAssembly

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