Main Board

2) Remove the Clump Core from the Main Unit.

Figure 4-22. Removing Clump Core

3) Disconnect all the connectors from the Main Board.

CN2: Power Supply Cable

CN4: Panel Board Connector

CN5: CR Motor Connector

CN6: PF Motor Connector

CN7: CR Encoder FFC

CN8: Head FFC

CN9: PF Sensor Cable

4) Remove the four screws that secure the Main Board Unit to the Main Unit, and remove the Main Board Unit.

5) Remove the Main Board Cover from the Main Board Unit.

Figure 4-24. Removing Main Board (2)
Figure 4-25. Removing Main Board (3)

When installing the Main Board Unit to the Main Unit, Secure the screws in the order shown in Figure 4-24. When attaching the Clump Core, pay attention not to confuse left and right. The side with two portions should be facing to the left.

Figure 4-26. Attaching Clump Core

When replacing the Main board with new one, perform the following service items.

• If the read-out operation succeeds by adjustment program from defective main board, replace with new board and write the read out data to new one.

1. Ink consumption counter

2. Waste drain ink pad counter

3. "Head ID Input"

4. "Bi-D Adjustment"

5. "Top Margin Adjustment"

6. "First Dot Adjustment"

7. "USB ID Input"

8. "Market ID Setting"

9. "Head Angular Adjustment"

10. "PF Adjustment"

11. CR motor drive torque dispersion measurement

• If the read-out operation is not able to succeed by adjustment program from defective main board, perform the following service items after replacing main board with new one.

1. Replace the Waste drain ink pad with a new one.

2. "Head ID Input"

3. "Bi-D Adjustment"

4. "Top Margin Adjustment"

5. "First Dot Adjustment"

6. "USB ID Input"

7. "Market ID Setting"

8. "Head Angular Adjustment"

9. "PF Adjustment"

10. "Offset input for CR Motor Calorific Limitation"

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