Printhead Assy

2) Release the tab from the notch of the IC Holder, and remove the printhead cover.

3) Turn the Printhead Assy. toward the direction of the arrow, and remove the Printhead Assy.

Figure 4-60. Removing Printhead Assy. (1)

Before starting the following work, make sure that the two tabs shown in Figure 4-56 are already released.

4) Remove the Head FFC from the Printhead Assy.

Figure 4-61. Removing Printhead Assy. (2)

When installing the Printhead Assy. to the IC Holder, match the tabs with the notches, and tilt the Printhead as shown below.

Figure 4-62. Installing Printhead Assy.

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  • Medhane Mewael
    How do i unclip d68 printhead?
    9 years ago

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