Head Angle Adjustment

This section describes how to perform head angle adjustment. Perform this operation under the following conditions:

1. Print head removal or replacing.

2. CR guide shaft removal or replacing.

3. Moving the print head angle adjust lever.

NOTE: Adjust the print head angle without upper case.

NOTE: When you check the head angle printing, perform it with exclusive paper such as "Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper" or "Glossy Photo Paper". If you use normal plain paper, you cannot judge and adjust the head angle correctly.

1. After replacing or once removing the print head, install the new print head or once removed print head on the carriage unit. And do not attach the upper case.

2. Setup the adjustment program. (Refer to Section 5.2.1.)

3. Select "Head angular". Following screen appears.

Figure 5-9. "Head Angle" Initial Screen

4. Select "Printing the head angle pattern" and press "OK". Printer will start printing with current head angle setting. During printing, following screen appears, and status message changes after the printing.

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Figure 5-10. "Head Angle" Printing Screen

Once the printing completes, the program screen changes as follows.

Figure 5-11. "Head Angle" Printing Screen

6. Now, you can see the following printing pattern. And printer is latching its printed paper.

Figure 5-12. "Head Angle" Check Pattern

7. If you judge the once printer paper is OK pattern, select "No need to adjust", and press "OK" button to return the program screen to the "Head angular" initial screen, and to eject a printed paper. Then, you can advance to another adjustment. On the other hands, if you judge it as NG (No Good) pattern, select "Adjusting the head angle" on the program screen and press "OK" button. As soon as the carriage moves to the left side just a little, it stops soon. And program screen changes as follows:

Figure 5-13. Head Angle Adjust Mode 1

Figure 5-11. "Head Angle" Printing Screen

NOTE: Actually, once you enter this adjustment mode, please complete the head angle adjustment quickly to prevent the print head surface from dry. Especially, during CR is in the out of home position, do not stop your work operation, and return the carriage to the home position once if you have to leave from the printer.

NOTE: Before you advance to actual adjustment, you have to know the judgement standard, and how to adjust the head angle. Following explanation is its details.


Following is the Judgement standard and mention the relationship between adjust lever operation and reaction of angle check pattern.

Judgement Standard

How to Adjust

Upper lines move to right side.

Adjust Lever

Upper lines move to right side.

Lower lines move to left side.

Adjust Lever

Lower lines move to right side

Upper lines move to left side.

Figure 5-14. Judgement Standard & Relationship between Adjust Lever Operation & Reaction of Angle Check Pattern

1. The ideal condition is that the upper lines and lower lines have to be divided equally each other.

2. The actual operation for changing adjust-lever is quite complicate. So, accede to each step for details.

1. Loosen a screw securing the head fixing plate in the left of the carriage unit by turning it 90o to 180o. (Be careful not to remove it completely.)

Figure 5-15. Location of the left side screw

2. Loosen a screw securing the head fixing plate in the right of the carriage unit by turning it 90o to 180o. (Be careful not to remove it completely.)

A right side screw Figure 5-16. Location of the right side screw

3. Press "O.K." button on the current program screen (Figure 5-13). The screen changes as follows.

Figure 5-17. Head Angle Adjust Mode 4

Figure 5-17. Head Angle Adjust Mode 4

By referring Figure 5-14 mentioned relationship between adjust lever operation and reaction of angle check pattern, decide your target direction and the location for the head angle adjustment lever.

5. Once you decide your target lever position, accede to followings to change the current adjust lever position to your target position.

Now imagine that head angle condition is in following condition. And you want to change the lever position to more upper side. In this case, you have to change it with acceding to step 1 to step 2 as shown below.



Step 1

Change the current lever position to the most upper side.

Step 2

Set the lever position from most upper side to your target position.

Figure 5-18. How to Adjust the Head Angle Adjust Lever

6. Once you set the adjust lever to your target position, push the front of yellow ink cartridge 2 or 3 times by your fingers or the screwdriver.

Figure 5-19. Pushing the Yellow Ink Cartridge

7. Press "O.K." button on the current program screen. (Figure 5-17) Following screen appears.

Figure 5-20. Head Angle Adjust Mode 5

8. Check the printed pattern whether you can accept or not by referring Figure 5-14.

9. Program screen returns to Figure 5-10, and you can select either "Adjust the head angle" or "No need to adjust". And then continue the another adjustment such as Bi-D and PF adjustment by selecting left option window.

Figure 5-21. Head Angle Adjust Mode 6

10. n case when you want to re-adjust, perform step 4 to step 16 until you can accept the adjustment has completed.

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