Head ID Input

This section describes how to input Head ID. Perform this operation under the following conditions:

1. Print head has been replaced.

2. C424 Main-B board has been replaced.

NOTE: Always input the Head ID without ink cartridge to prevent unexpected ink out error caused by mismatching between head ID and main board.

1. Replacing to new print head unit with referring Chap 4 "Disassembly and Reassembly".

2. Setup the adjustment program. Figure-2 Main screen appears. (Refer to Section 5.2.1.)

3. Select "Adjustment" and then "Head ID".

4. Main screen changes as below.

Chtick pAnnhl printing Appendix

MpuiUiafll I Mninlflnariaft Adjustment items EEPROM Initialization

• Head ID Head dnyuldt B i-D Adjust PF adjust USA wJjusl

Top margin Fret dot position

Stylus cao Quit Status

Head ID Input


* Charigu dau

Chech presemt data

Ready to print.

Adjustment Han d ID

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PF MJustmint valus


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Figure 5-4. Initial Screen for "Head ID" input

5. Select "Change data", and then OK button.

6. Following screen appears.

8. Following screen appears.

Chmdf pisITiim tirir.linj | AppaiKfr* Adjuslmiml | Mâintanaraa Adj nvlrrunL itsrrtt FFPROM Initialization • Head ID Höfld anfjijfnr BiO adjust PF ndjusl USB adlust

Top lYLifgln First dot portion

Head ID input

Head ID

Head ID

Adjustment items Hud ID



PF Adjuitmentviluï usa id

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FI<S1 dal pClItKrtl

PrDEeclïDn caunCEr

Figure 5-5. "Head ID" input Screen

7. Input 13 digits Head IDs, and press "OK" button.

NOTE: Actually, there are 15 digits on the Head ID label. But last 2 digits mentioned small character are not reflected to EEPROM, and are just management ID in the manufactory. Therefore, input 13 digits Head ID only, and do not input 15 digits to prevent check sum error.


Chw* osftfiTi wlnflnsl AppnndiK

Adjuslnittll | M^lnlpnanro Adjustment items EEPROM Iniliallzallon • Head ID D Head angular Bl-D adjust PP adjust O USE adjust Tofi mangln Firsl dot pos Hon

Stilus C80 quit Stalus l-l 1*1

Head ID

Head ID input

Evrtartti* 11 digit* H*nd ID. Q4A3624312C1l4«ix.)

OK I Pwhfalft

13 digits tiial you 1yj*ad "(MA3624312C14" wörö correctly register ad.

Head ID

Evrtartti* 11 digit* H*nd ID. Q4A3624312C1l4«ix.)

OK I Pwhfalft




t>F Aljuilnunt VUUÉ

usb id

Adjustment items Hoad ID

I 04A36?4S1?C14 81-0 AdQualmant valu» BtKk Col«




t>F Aljuilnunt VUUÉ

usb id

TGp Marnln

FJrV dot potltTon Prolsc.tlon MUnlir

Figure 5-6. "Head ID" Acceptance Screen

NOTE: If you mistype the Head ID, adjustment program will automatically detect it, and indicates error message. In this case, once press "Previous" button, and then restart from step 5.

9. To check the typed Head ID whether it's actually registered or not registered, press Previous button once.

10. Program screen will return to Figure 5-4.

11. Press "Check present data". You can see your once typed Head IDs on the following screen.

Epson 2100 Cange Head Service Program
Figure 5-7. "Head ID" Check Screen

5.2.3 Ink Charge

This section describes how to perform ink charge. Perform this operation under the following conditions:

1. For charging ink to the print head. (After replacing print head)

2. For recovering the clogged nozzle(s)

NOTE: The sequence that the ink charge function supports is same to initial ink charge. But, since the initial ink charge flag does not operated, you need not to turn off and turn on the printer for executing the initial ink charge.

1. Setup the adjustment program. (Refer to Section 5.2.1.)

2. Select "Maintenance" and then "Ink Charge". Main screen changes as below.

Figure 5-8. "Ink charge" Screen

3. Press OK button. Then the initial ink charge operation will be performed. (It will take about 90 seconds to complete it.)

1. You can see the current ink amount by referring the status monitor visually. And if you can see and understand that the current ink amount cannot keep for the ink charge, you should replace to new ink cartridge(s) beforehand. Once you check current the ink amount.

2. Please do not use at the same time of both adjustment program and Epson printer driver. This will be source of the communication error or freezing the adjustment program. Therefore, if you refer the current ink amount using status monitor, please once close the Epson printer driver, and then use the adjustment program continuously.

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