Setup the Adjustment Program

Perform the setup operation, which is required prior to actual adjustment operation, by following the steps below.

1. Connect the PC and printer with parallel or USB cable.

2. Turn the printer on.

NOTE: To prevent unexpected trouble at setup, wait until the printer completes the power on initialization. Once you encounter the communication error at setup, please accede to following steps to prevent the same mistake. 2-1. Turn the printer off.

2-2. Disconnect the AC cable from the AC socket, and connect the AC cable again.

2-3. Turn the printer on. Printer will enter the power on initializing operation unmistakably.

3. Execute the adjustment program (SC807010E_Win98.exe or Win95.exe) attached to the service manual for the Stylus C70/C80.

4. The following screen appears.

Epson 300 Service Manual

Figure 5-1. Initial Screen of Stylus C70/C80 Adjustment Program

5. Click the "Model Name" frame, and select either Stylus C80 or Stylus C70.

6. Click the "Interface" frame, and select your target interface port. (Selectable ports are LPT1 to 3, and EPUSB1 to 3.)

NOTE: There is no destination setting regardless of Stylus C80 or C70 at this time. All default settings excepting adjustment parameter can be registered by using "EEPROM initialization".

7. Press OK button, then the following main screen appears.

Stylus Color 740 Adjustment Program
Figure 5-2. Main Screen

Figure 5-1. Initial Screen of Stylus C70/C80 Adjustment Program

NOTE: If you select "Quit" button at this spot, printer starts performing the initialization as same to first power on timing to reflect current RAM data to EEPROM, and following screen appears, and following closing screen appears.

Figure 5-3. Closing Screen

NOTE: In the act of working initialization, if you select "Next" button on above screen, adjustment program will be frozen. So, please wait until the printer completes the initialization. And then press "Next" button if you want to do another action with current connected printer.

NOTE: On the other hands, if you press "Quit" button on above screen, the adjustment program will be closed.

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