Adjustment Program Start

1. When the Adjustment Program is started, the screen as shown in Figure 5-1 is displayed. Select the Model Name.

Cx3100 Adjustment Program
Figure 5-1. Model Name Port Number Selection

2. Select the destination of Stylus CX3100/3200.

aM While Stylus CX3100/3200 is warming up (Power LED is blinking), the program can not be executed (communication error occurs). Execute the program after making certain that the Power LED of the printer is lit.

From the menu, select the item for which the adjustment is to be made. (Refer to Table 5-3)

Table 5-3. Adjustment Item Menu


Adjustment Item for which setting can be made


Destination Setting (EEPROM Initialization) (p.61)

Head ID Input (p.62)

Bi-D Adjustment (p.63)

USB ID Input (p.65)

Top Margin Adjustment (p.66)

First Dot Position Adjustment (p.67)


Head Cleaning (p.68)

Ink Charge (p.68)

Charging the transportation liquid

Protection Counter (p.69)

EEPROM Data Backup (p.70)

Check pattern printing

A4 Plain Paper Printing (p.70)

Additional function

EEPROM Data (p.71)

Upon completion of selection of model and destination, the screen as shown in Figure 5-2 is displayed.



r rEFfljj iia^-.

1 H . MH ■ 'ih

t- lull-

Ui lr

f* »D


r irp D



r rill BT L>i h J

"rri.n çxnrta*i|

-J h^iirit 1

oyt hn

Figure 5-2. Adjustment Program

The Adjustment Program has the following buttons. □ Quit

Click the [Quit] button, and a menu screen to select [Quit] or [Next] will be displayed. Clicking the [Quit] button on that menu screen will complete the adjustment and close the program. Clicking the [Next] button will return the display to the screen for selecting a Model Name and Destination.

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