Removal procedure

1. Perform the removal procedure Step 1 of Waste Ink Pads/Stacker Lock/PG Lever/Rubber Feet (p138).

2. Follow the instructions below to remove the Waste Ink Tube.

1. Release the Waste Ink Tube from the groove of the Housing, Lower.

2. Pull out the Waste Ink Tube from the Waste Ink Cover.

3. Remove the Waste Ink Tube together with the Tube Clump and the Eject Ink Joint.

3. Remove the Waste Ink Cover and 11 pieces of the Waste Ink Pads from the Housing, Lower.

■ When installing 11 pieces of the Waste Ink Pads, Waste Ink Tube, and the Waste Ink Cover, follow the steps described below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Waste Ink Pad R230 Replace
Figure 4-57. Installing Waste Ink Pads (1)

Step 4

Step 5

■ When installing the Waste Ink Tube to the Housing, Lower, insert it to both the groove of the Housing, Lower and the Eject Ink Joint, and securely fasten the Waste Ink Tube with the Tube Clamp, or ink may leak from the Tube.

■ When installing the PG Lever Mounting Plate to the Housing, Lower, match the guide pins (x2, □) with the positioning holes of the PG Lever Mounting Plate.

After replacing the Waste Ink Pads, perform the following adjustment. (Refer to Chapter 5 "ADJUSTMENT") "Waste Ink Pad Counter"

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