Caution After Repair TBD

Before shipping the product after repair, be sure to secure the CR Unit following the procedure below.


(1) Move the CR Unit to the Home position.

(2) Lock the Carriage Lock toward the front of the printer with a flathead screwdriver. (See "4.6.1 Printhead (p75)")

(3) Move the CR Unit to the center slightly until it comes in contact with the Carriage Lock.

(4) Attach the center portion (Q)) of a strong tape to the Cartridge Cover located on the carriage.

(5) Attach the right portion (@) of the strong tape to the Upper Housing.

(6) Attach the left portion (@) of the strong tape to the left side of the carriage.

(7) Check to see that the CR Unit can move slightly between the Home position and the Carriage Lock position. Then bring the CR unit back into contact with the Carriage Lock, and pack the printer.

Figure 4-1. Securing CR Unit

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