This printer has no mechanical components which require regular cleaning except the Printhead. Therefore, when returning the printer to the user, check the following parts and perform appropriate cleaning if stain is noticeable.


Never use chemical solvents, such as thinner, benzine, and acetone to clean the exterior parts of the printer like the Housing. These chemicals may deform or deteriorate the components of the printer.

Be careful not to damage any components when you clean inside the printer.

Do not scratch the coated surface of the PF roller. Use soft brush to wipe off any dusts. Use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to remove the ink stain.

Do not use cleaning sheet included in the media for normal usage. It may damage the coated surface of PF roller. If the adhesive surface of the cleaning sheet is set to the LD roller shaft side and used to clean the LD roller surface, it is no problem.

When using compressed air products; such as air duster, for cleaning during repair and maintenance, the use of such products containing flammable gas is prohibited.

Exterior parts

Use a clean soft cloth moistened with water, and wipe off any dirt. If the exterior parts are stained by the ink, use a cloth moistened with neutral detergent to wipe it off.

Inside the printer

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any paper dust. LD Roller

When paper loading function does not operate because friction of the LD roller is lowered by any paper dust, set the adhesive side up of the cleaning sheet (included in the media) to remove any paper dust. Repeat loading the cleaning sheet several times.

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Remove dust or any paper with a clean dry cloth. In case dirt is serious or alien substance is stick, wipe it off with a cloth moistened with neutral detergent.

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