Timing Belt R230

□ Part/Unit that should be removed before removing CR Motor

Document Cover / ASF Cover / Support Arm / Scanner Unit / Middle Case / Panel Unit / Printer Mechanism / CR Scale

□ Removal Procedure

1. Disconnect the Head FFCs (CN1,CN2) from the Main Board, and release the CR Motor connector cable from the tabs (x5) on the Main Frame.

2. Disconnect the CR Motor Connector Cable (J7) from the Main Board.

Epson R300 Ink
Figure 4-43. Disconnecting CR Motor Connector Cable


After releasing the Timing Belt, temporarily secure the belt to the Cartridge Cover with a tape or the like so as not to allow the grease to come in contact with the Timing Belt. Contaminating the belt with grease can result in malfunction of the printer.

3. Loosen the tension of the Timing Belt by pressing the Driven Pulley Holder in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure, and release the Timing Belt from the pinion gear of the CR Motor.

4. Remove the screws (x2), and remove the CR Motor from the Main Frame.

Epson L800 Printer Timing Belt
Figure 4-44. Releasing Timing Belt and Removing CR Motor

After replacing the CR Motor, perform the following adjustment (T.B.D.). (Refer to Chapter 5 " ADJUSTMENT <p100)")

1. "First Dot Adjustment"

2. "Head Angular Adjustment"

3. "Bi-D Adjustment"

4. "CR Heat Protection Control" (only after replacement)

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