CR Scale


Pay attention to the following instructions:

■ Do not touch the CR Scale with bare hands.

■ Do not stretch Extension Spring 3.289 too much.

□ Part/Unit that should be removed before removing CR Scale

Document Cover / ASF Cover / Support Arm / Scanner Unit / Middle Case / Panel Unit

□ Removal Procedure

1. Release the right end of the CR Scale from the tab.

2. Release the CR Scale from the slit of the CR Encoder Sensor.

Figure 4-41. Removing CR Scale (1)


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Slit of CR Encoder Sensor

Slit of CR Encoder Sensor

Figure 4-41. Removing CR Scale (1)

3. Release the Extension Spring 3.289 from the hook of the Main Frame.

4. Rotate the CR Scale 90 degrees as shown in the figure and remove the scale from the Main Frame.

Epson Stylus Photo R230 Parts
Figure 4-42. Removing CR Scale (3)

When installing the CR Scale, pay attention to the following instructions.

■ The CR Scale must be set between the sides of the CR Encoder Sensor, but not touching either side. If the CR Scale is rubbing against either wall (emitter or receiver), it should be reinstalled.

■ Chipped part of the CR Scale should be facing upward.

■ Extension Spring 3.289 should not be twisted.

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