CR Unit Timing Belt

□ Part/Unit that should be removed before removing CR Unit/Timing Belt

Document Cover / ASF Cover / Support Arm / Scanner Unit / Middle Case / Panel Unit / Printer Mechanism / Print Head / Ink System (Cap Assy) / CR Scale / CR Motor

After releasing the Timing Belt, temporarily secure the belt to the Cartridge Cover with a tape or the like so as not to allow the grease to come in contact with the Timing Belt. Contaminating the belt with grease can result in malfunction of the printer.

□ Removal Procedure

1. Remove the screw (x1), and remove the CR Scale Holder.

2. Remove the CR Unit by sliding it in the direction of the arrow.

Epson 4400 Scale
Figure 4-45. Removing CR Scale Holder

■ Timing Belt Removal

1. Remove the Timing Belt from the groove of the CR Unit.

Scale Epson
Figure 4-46. Removing Timing Belt


Insert the wavy-surface part of the Timing Belt into the groove of the CR Unit.

When installing the Head FFC, follow the steps below. 1. Put the Head FFC through the Hole of the Main Frame.

Head FFC

Head FFC

Figure 4-47. Installing Head FFC (1) 2. Secure the Head FFC with Rib A, and C.

Figure 4-48. Installing Head FFC (2)

>>To be continued to the next page.

Figure 4-48. Installing Head FFC (2)

>>To be continued to the next page.

>> From the previous page.

3. Fold back the Head FFC and secure it with Rib A again.

Head FFC

Head FFC

Figure 4-49. Installing Head FFC (3)

4. Connect the Head FFC to CN1, CN2 of the Main Board. (see "4.5.1 Main Board (p73)")

5. Arrange FFC1 on top of FFC2.



Epson Dx4450 Circuit Springs
Figure 4-50. Installing Head FFC (4)

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