Disassembling Printer Mechanism Printhead

□ Part/Unit that should be removed before removing Printhead

Document Cover / ASF Cover / Support Arm / Scanner Unit / Middle Case / Panel Unit

□ Removal Procedure

1. Unlock the Carriage Lock with a flathead screwdriver or a similar tool, and move the CR Unit to the center of the printer.

2. Open the Cartridge Cover and remove all the Ink Cartridges from the CR Unit.

3. Release the FFCs from the tabs.

Epson Stylus Cx5500 Scanner
Figure 4-30. Unlocking Carriage Lock and Moving CR Unit to the Center
Printhead Epson Cx4300
Figure 4-31. Releasing FFCs

4. Disconnect the Head FFCs (x2) that are connected to the CSIC Board and the CR Encoder Board.

Epson Csic
Figure 4-32. Disconnecting Head FFCs

5. Release the tabs (1) and (2) with a flathead precision screwdriver, and remove the Holder Board Assy. upward.

Epson Dx4400
Figure 4-33. Removing Holder Board Assy

6. Release the tab and pull out the blade of the Sub FFC Guide from the slit, and remove the Sub FFC Guide pulling out the guide pin (x1) from the notch.

Print Head Damage

Guide Pin

Figure 4-34. Removing Sub FFC Guide

Guide Pin

Figure 4-34. Removing Sub FFC Guide


Do not touch or damage the nozzles or the ink supply needles of the Printhead.

7. Remove the screw (x3) and lift up the Printhead with a longnose pliers.

Printhead Cx5600
Figure 4-35. Removing Printhead (1)

Remove the Head FFC (x1) from the connector (x1), and remove the Printhead.

Epson Stylus Dx4000 Remove Printhead
Figure 4-36. Removing Printhead (2)

When installing the Sub FFC Guide, follow the steps below.

1. Insert the blade between the ribs.

2. Insert the guide pin into the notch.

3. Push down and secure the Sub FFC Guide in place.

Epson 4400

Figure 4-37. Installing Sub FFC Guide

When installing the Holder Board Assy, make sure to check if the assy is properly installed in the right position. The assy is likely to be installed in the wrong position.

The Ink Position Label is not included in the Cartridge Cover. When replacing the Cartridge Cover, order the Ink Position Label separately and attach the label as shown below.

Ink Position Label

Cartridge Cover

Attach the label here. The chipped corner must come to the upper left.

Figure 4-38. Installing Ink Position Label

Attach the label here. The chipped corner must come to the upper left.

Figure 4-38. Installing Ink Position Label

After removing/replacing the Printhead, perform the adjustment in the following order (T.B.D.). (Refer to Chapter 5 " ADJUSTMENT (p100)")

1. "Ink Charge" (only after replacement)

2. "Head ID Input" (only after replacement)

3. "TOP Margin Adjustment"

4. "First Dot Adjustment"

5. "Head Angular Adjustment"

6. "Bi-D Adjustment"

7. "PF Band Adjustment"

Figure 4-37. Installing Sub FFC Guide

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