Removing Printer Mechanism

□ Part/Unit that should be removed before removing Printer Mechanism

Document Cover / ASF Cover / Support Arm / Scanner Unit / Middle Case / Panel Unit

□ Removal Procedure

1. Remove the screws (x6) that secure the Printer Mechanism to the Lower Case.

2. Move the Paper Guide to the right side.

Cx5500 Disassembling
Figure 4-23. Removing Printer Mechanism (1)

3. Release the Grounding Spring from the hooks (x2) and remove it

4. Remove the screws (x2) that secure the Shield Plate, and remove it from the Lower Case.

Epson Stylus Cx5500 Scanner
Figure 4-24. Tab Position on Lower Case

5. The tabs (x6) on the Lower Case shown below are securing the Printer

Mechanism. Push outward on the left, right, and front sides of the Lower Case to widen it, and release the Printer Mechanism from the tabs (x6).

Epson Printer Stylus 4450
Figure 4-25. Tab Position on Lower Case

6. Carefully lift up the front end of the Printer Mechanism to pull the ASF Unit sections out from the Lower Case, and remove the Printer Mechanism.

Sensor T13
Figure 4-26. Removing Printer Mechanism (2)

4.5 Removing Board

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