Epson Cx5600 Tools

Use only specified tools to avoid damaging the printer.

Table 4-1. Tools

Name Supplier Parts No.

(+) Phillips screwdriver #1 EPSON 1080530

(+) Phillips screwdriver #1 EPSON 1080532

Flathead screwdriver EPSON 1080527

Tweezer EPSON 1080561

■ Disconnect the power cable before disassembling or assembling the printer. If you need to work on the printer with power applied, strictly follow the instructions in this manual.

■ Always wear gloves for disassembly and reassembly to avoid injury from sharp metal edges.

■ To protect sensitive microprocessors and circuitry, use static discharge equipment, such as anti-static wrist straps, when accessing internal components.

■ Make sure that there is enough work space for disassembly/ reassembly.

■ Use only recommended tools for disassembling, assembling or adjusting the printer.

■ Observe the specified torque when tightening screws.

■ Apply lubricants as specified.

(See Chapter 6 " MAINTENANCE (p108)" for details.)

■ Since a prototype was used to illustrate these disassembly and reassembly procedures, the appearance of some parts may differ from those on actual product. The procedures themselves, however, are accurate for the retail model.

■ When using compressed air products; such as air duster, for cleaning during repair and maintenance, the use of such products containing flammable gas is prohibited.

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