Cr Home Position R290

Power the printer and turn it off forcedly by disconnecting the power cable when the CR Unit is unlocked and moved away from the home position.

Turn the EJ Roller gear on the left side of the printer in the direction of the arrow until the carriage is unlocked.

Carriage Position Sensor Epson Printer
Figure 4-8. How to Unlock the Carriage

4.1.9 Disassembly Flowchart

The flowchart below shows step-by-step disassembly procedures. When disassembling each unit, refer to the page number shown in the figure.

Printer Cover (p.58)

Upper Housing (p.59)

Main Board Unit (p.61)

Paper Suppo Assy (p.58)

Panel Assy/ Cover Open Sensor (p.64)

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