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This website allows you to find the repair manuals for any electronic devices that you could think of. You will also be able to access schematic diagrams and other useful materials for repairing electronics. You will be able to find the documents that you need to repair your TV, your DVD and VCR players, your mobile phones and cameras, and computer monitors, plus more! You will even be able to find the diagrams and repair guides for very old devices, so you don't have to worry if you think that the guide is out of print; chances are that this site will have it! You don't need to freak out now when your TV breaks down; you will be able to find the guide to repair it and have it working again in no time! Most of the guides come in easily downloadable PDF files, so you can read them on your computer, phone, or tablet! Read more...

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Chapter Appendix

Note that new schematic diagrams are not included in this service manual, since all circuit boards, including the C202 Main Board, are the same as those of the Stylus COLOR 800. As noted in Chapter 2, Operating Principles, only the programming of the PROM and Gate Array has been changed.

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